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Meet Jay Ashbaucher

Authors imageOriginally from Ohio, Jay R. Ashbaucher earned an undergraduate degree in education and a Master of Divinity degree before serving forty-four years in Montana as a pastor and Bible teacher. He served twenty years as a fifth step counselor and lecturer in an alcohol and drug treatment center where he listened to countless stories of people’s broken lives and struggles to achieve wholeness. From them he learned much about people and himself, which has helped in counseling individuals from all walks of life. He has enjoyed conducting grief classes, small groups, and teaching “Philosophy of Christianity” at a one-year wilderness Bible college. Now retired and living in Michigan, Jay continues his Bible teaching as an author, and together with his wife of fifty-two years, is enjoying life with family and grand-kids.



It seems we live in an increasingly divided world. A question in many people’s minds is this, What’s the world coming to? People constantly battle with hardships, sufferings, and uncertainties. We may want our personal lives and the world to be better, but as hard as we try, we find it isn’t happening. This book takes us from a life of stress, uncertainties, fears, and unfulfilled hopes to a hope-filled life that will not disappoint us. For Christians and others, increased persecution is coming. Life-Giving Hope is about survival and learning how to live in a culture that opposes your values. The God of hope can enable us to experience a hope that brings joy and peace of mind in the midst of adversity. There are three kinds of hope. What kind do you have?


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